1650MO Solaris Black 650W (Manual Operation)

Solaris 650W - 1650MO Solaris Black 650W (Manual Operation)

Type Lamphead
1650MOSolaris Black 650W (Manual Oeration) complete with Four Leaf Barndoor, Colour Frame, and 650W, 240V Lamp. Construction in aluminium & steel, colour finish in matte black.
Type Accessory
1651Four Leaf Barndoor (as spare)
1652 Gel Frame (as spare)
1653/1654 Scrim Set - Full Single Scrim & Full Double Scrim
1655/1656Scrim Set - Half Single Scrim & Half Double Scrim
Type Mount
534-050Compact Stand with 16mm (5/8") Male Spigot
Type Lamp
476-052CP89 650W, 240V (as spare)

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