1900FIX Aladino Fixed Cable

Aladino - 1900FIX Aladino Fixed Cable

Type Lamphead
1900FIXAladino 1900 Fixed Cable
Type Accessory
1901Two Leaf Barndoor with Integral Flip Up/Down Dichroic 5600K Filter
1902Two Leaf Barndoor with Inttegral Flip Up/Down Dichroic 5600K Filter and extra Diffuser Glass
1903Three Leaf Barndoor
Type Mount
1911/1904Handle with Female Spigot 16mm (5/8")
1905Spigot Lift Up 4cm
1906Spigot Lift Up 8cm
1907Sliding Bracket 6cm
1908Sliding Bracket 10cm
1909Camera Handle Clamp
1912Sony Thread Locking Shoe
Type Battery
1924Pocket Battery 12V NiMH 4.1Ah
1925Pocket battery 12v NiMh with Quick Charger
1924APocket Battery 12v BiMh with Quick Charger
Type Lamp
176-861IA 48860 FL 20W, 12V 24 Degree (2300cd)
176-862IA48860 WFL 20W, 12V 39 Degree (1000cd)
176-865IA 48865 FL 35W, 12V 24 Degree (4400cd)
176-867IA 48865 WFL 35W, 12V 38 Degree (2200cd)
176-871IA 48870 FL 50W, 12V 24 Degree (5700cd)
176-872IA 48870 WFL 50W, 12V 38 Degree (2850cd)

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