Colour Magic Packs

The Lee Filters Colour Magic series is a set of eight individual packs each containing a selection of 12 filters 250mm x 300mm (10" x 12") that relate to a particular aspect of lighting and studio work. Colour Magic offers an opportunity to get to know the performance of the various filters on offer in a cost effective way.
  • Items

    • Arc Correction Pack

      A selection of technical filters for colour correction. More Info

    • Complementary Pack

      A starter pack for exploring the basics of colour addition and subtraction. More Info

    • Light Tint Pack

      Paler shades to give more subtle effects and to filter white light from the lamp. More Info

    • Original Pack

      Create 50 colours from 12. More Info

    • Saturates Pack

      A selection of strong and vibrant colours for more intense colour combinations More Info

    • Studio Pack

      A range of technical filters for basic light source control. More Info

    • Studio Plus Pack

      A range of technical filters for fine control of light sources. More Info

    • Tint Pack

      Lighting filters which complement the original colour magic pack to create alternative shades. More Info