Lighting Control Packs

Seven Lighting Control Packs - essential toolkits for Lighting Control.
These packs provide everything you need to control common lighting
Each pack contains a select assortment of 300mm  x 300mm (12" x 12")
precut sheets of LEE lighting filter, in a rugged vinyl storage pouch.
  • Items

    • Colour Effects Lighting Pack

      A selection of saturated colours for use on backgrounds and for accent lights. In addition to general effects the three primary colours (red,green and blue) can be used for colour mixing. More Info

    • Cosmetic Lighting Pack

      A selection of Cosmetic Filter Colours used to enhance skin tones while simultaneously softening the light. More Info

    • Daylight to Tungsten Lighting Pack

      A selection of CT Orange filters for converting Daylight to Tungsten. More Info

    • Diffusion Lighting Pack

      A selection of the most popular diffusion materials to create a wide variety of effects ranging from a subtle softening of the beam edge to creating a large shadowless expanse. More Info

    • Master Location Lighting Pack

      Master Location Lighting Pack contains practically everything to handle any lighting situation - CTO and CTB Conversions, Plus Fluorescent Greens, Colour Effects Filters, Diffusions, Scrim & Black Foil. More Info

    • Quick Location Lighting Pack

      A variety of colour corrections, colour effect, and light shaping tools to control common lighting conditions. More Info

    • Tungsten to Daylight Pack

      Convert tungsten light sources to daylight. More Info