Technical Lighting Packs

Lee Filters Technical Lighting Filter Packs contain larger size sheets for use on larger light souces or mutliple light sources.
Each Lee Filters Technical Lighting Filter Pack contains a series of Lee Filter products designed for specific types of lighting application.
  • Items

    • CT Blue Pack

      CT Blues Series for Tungsten to Daylight Conversion. More Info

    • CT Orange Pack

      CT Orange Series for Daylight to Tungsten Light Conversion. More Info

    • Fluorescent - Minus Green

      Minus Green Series is used on discharge light sources to eliminate the unwanted green cast created by these light sources. More Info

    • Fluorescent - Plus Green

      Plus Green Series is used on Daylight and Tungsten light sources to provide a green cast when used in conjunction with discharge lighting. More Info

    • Lee Filter Starter Park - Half Sheet Pack

      Ths basic LEE Starter Pack for the control of light sources. More Info

    • Light Control Pack - Half Sheet Pack

      An advanced introductory pack of correction filters to control light sources. More Info

    • Neutral Density Pack

      Neutral Density Series reduces light level without changing colour. More Info

    • Pro Pack

      Pro Pack contains 23 specially selected different sheets of filter material to provide a versatile package for the studio. More Info

    • Reflector Pack

      Reflector Series to produce Hard and Soft Reflection in Silver and Gold. More Info

    • Saturates Pack

      Saturate Series Pack contains the six most popular strong and vibrant colours. More Info

    • White Diffusion Pack

      White Diffusion Series for creating soft light effects in a range of seven strengths. More Info