SW150mm System

  • Items

    • SW150 Filter Holder MKII

      The SW150 Mark 11 Filter Holder has bee designed specifically to fit ultra-wide angle lenses. More Info

    • SW150 Lens Adaptors

      Each Lens Adaptor has been specifically designed for that particular lens. The Lens Adaptor is purchased separately from the SW150 Filter Holder. More Info

    • SW150 Lens Screw Adaptors

      A range of SW150 screw in adaptors for 72mm, 77mm, 82mm, 86mm, 95mm and 105mm filter thread sizes. More Info

    • SW150 Pouches

      The SW150 Field Pouch is constructed from a tough durable fabric and features a concertina design with one slot per filter (maximum 10 filters). The pouch contains a Belt Loop, Shoulder Strap and a Trip Strap. The SW150 Pouch is available in black or sand colour. More Info

    • SW150 System Adaptor

      The SW150 Sytem Adaptor enables you to attach the SW150 Filter Holder to existing Lee Adaptor Rings. This allows you to use the SW150 Filter Holder on other lenses that you may have. More Info