Polyester Filter Sets

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  • Items

    • Black and White Set

      Four 100mm x 100mm mounted polyester filters, each which has a different effect on the tones in a black and white image. More Info

    • Colour Temperature Set

      This four filter set is designed to balance the effect of any major colour temperature disparities between light source and fim or sensor. More Info

    • Daylight Fluorescent Set

      This set of three filters ensures, when shooting daylight balanced film under fluorescent light , that the result is neutral. More Info

    • Fine Colour Temperature Set

      Similar to the Colour Temperature Set, this set is designed to tackle less extreme colour shifts. More Info

    • Magenta Set

      This set contains five CC Magenta filters, which are designed to absorb the green cast created by fluorescent lighting. More Info

    • Polyester Neutral Density Set

      The three filters in this set are designed to increase exposure without affecting the colour balance of the picture. More Info

    • Polyester Soft Set

      This set contains five filters, each of which gradually increase in soft-focus effect. More Info

    • Tungsten Fluorescent Set

      A three filter set to allow for shooting under fluorescent lighting when shooting tugsten balanced film. More Info

    • Warm Up Set

      Four filters of increasing intensity, primarily used for introducing warmth into both landscapes and portraits. More Info