Print Easy Viewing Kit

Dark Room Products - Print Easy Viewing Kit

This viewing kit makes colour printing from either negative or transparencies simplicity itself. It has been produced as a result of demand for an easy to use, inexpensive colour printing aid. The Print Easy kit contains six colour cards – yellow, cyan, magenta, red, green and blue, each of which has three windows holding filters of differing strength. All you have to do is to make one unfiltered test  print, then view it through the windows on the colour cards until you find the filter, or combination of filters, that gives you an acceptable result. Below each window you will find the adjustment required to the filtration settings of your enlarger or to your filter pack (you can choose whether to add or to subtract the values, depending on which is the more convenient).
Each card has full instructions - for printing from negatives on one side, and for printing from transparencies on the other. 

LEE FHS KIT EASYPrint Easy Viewing Kit